Rebuilding Together Greater Harrisburg is here to help the community.  If you or someone you know is a homeowner who needs assistance with home improvements, you can you this page to submit a request for assistance.

In order to be considered for selection, you must meet the following guidelines:

1.  The homeowner that is provided assistance by RTGH must be the the legal owner of the home.  Verification of title to the home will be made.

2.  The homeowner must be considered "low income" in accordance with the RTGH Board's standards/HUD Federal guidelines.

3.  The homeowner is elderly (over the age of 60) or must be physically disabled.

4.  Families with children 

5.  Veterans of War

6.  The homeowner must generally be current on all property taxes and have no leins or judgments against the property.

7.  The homeowner has exhausted all financial and family means to complete the repairs.

8.  Live in the counties we serve--Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry and Upper York above Route US 30.

9.  Must live in their house for over three (3) years

Please note:  The schedule to perform the repair work on approved houses is based on funding, availability of volunteers and the number of homeowners who previously applied and are also waiting for assistance.  There could be a 12 month or longer waiting period.